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Pledge of the GOB GCCThe GOB Platform acts byway of its Charter for the protection of communities and consumers, as a registered Charitable Trust as authoritatively empowered by Government of the State of California, entrust by the Department of Justice as determined authority Federal Government Department of the Treasury; we are a Public Trust. In carrying out the Charter we seek simplicity, working ethics, to care and serve. This is our honor and our privilege to help others based on resources that derive from donations, fundraising and grants and to the extent that resources allows.

The GOB brings together a team of competent delegates from across continents in the effort to achieve and sustain our legal Charter in protecting communities and consumers through responsibilities in matters of quality, environmental, foods, safety, health, security and social accountability. Legal entities are signatories of the Charter to which we carry competence to the Regulatory Affair Practices (RAP) encompassing accreditation and recognition as these benchmark internationally recognized protocols. By applying RAP for accreditation - recognition we benchmark international best-in-class as we attest to the Charter.

The GlobalNet™ Delegates comprise of professionals across world regions that addresses competence and best-in-class practices within an understanding of the challenges we face in globalization.

Since January of 2008 established operations with authoritatively accreditation and recognition, a legally binding Chartered Public Charity, a foundation, granted in September 2008, as a public trust, the GOB Platform is an objective and competent source of confidence in competence with impartiality.

    As a free market public trust we need be nondiscriminatory and non-partition in carrying out our legal Charter;. The Charter is sustained and carryout through verifiable Regulatory Affair Practices that are accessible to entities irrespective of size, location, credo or affiliations.

Additional Information:

Based on the fact that the supply chains are shown to be tainted, we carry a self reliance or complementary alternative role to accreditation programs as we accomplish and maintain our operations by benchmarking ISO/IEC 17011 - OPS. We receive donations and conduct fundraising, and carryout activities of humanitarian projects, accreditation and recognition to assure that signatories carryout the Charter, once proven that objectively fulfills the Charter by benchmarking best-in-class quality and environmental responsibilities (based ISO/IEC 17021), inspection activities (based ISO/IEC 17020), food supply chain safety (based ISO/TS 22003), HACCP regulatory compliance, security and privacy con information (based ISO/IEC 27006), certification of persons (based ISO/IEC 17024) and specialty laboratory testing within ISO 15189 and ISO/IEC 17025 for specialty or in-house laboratories.

Regulatory Affairs Activities for Accreditation and Recognition
Signatory to the Charter need be verifiable through Regulatory Affairs Practices means that the signatories’ own goals and objectives are soundly conceived and that these apply competence to devise activities benchmarking international specifications and standards.

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June, 19 | The GOB | GCC Accreditation - Recognition Platform a is a U.S.A based legal entity and contributions are tax deductible as reference to 501 (c)(3) Internal Revenue Code.