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gob_accredited-business01The means to officially recognize having a particular status proficient to carry out specific activity, is often refer to accreditation. In the United States of America the GOB reaches this official status of accreditation through a scrutiny based qualifications that includes:

  • Empowerment through the State Government;
  • Ascertaining that the Financial resource are for the greater good, by a nonprofit status, scrutinized by the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Services as to the use of resources; and
  • Entering Department of Justice supervision.

In adhering to the Strategic Goals of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), these are:

  • Protect consumers from unfair and deceptive practices in the market place;
  • Maintain competition to promote a marketplace free from anticompetitive mergers, business practices, or public policy outcomes; and
  • Advance the FTC’s performance through excellence in managing resources, human capital, and information technology 

To this effect, that the secondary purpose of the GOB is to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.

The GOB provides for signatories and bearers continuing for the greater good, for goodness. Our activities do not uses our coffer to lobby in the pursuit to control through antitrust practices that engender corruption and fraud. We understand that within the free market there is no place for anticompetitive practices (or dominance monopolies). Our Charter, our purpose, is to provide independent and impartial assurances to stakeholders, such as the authority that originally granted accreditation, that the free-market is the better option for consumers. As when consumers have choices true competitiveness rises, as control does not reside within special interests. Credibility, and the perception of credibility, is best served where consumers have choices, as we carry out independence - impartiality - freely activities with entities bearing GOB accreditation.

In adhering to international conventions we have an arsenal of tools to choose from, that when appropriately applied with proficiency to agreed requirements these result in benefits to the greater good - rises internationally recognized and generally accepted (IRGA). While bearing freedom to the greater good, as an accreditation body some aspects are necessary to set forth due-diligence as the basis to exercise due-care in all we do to recognize that accredited entities equally seek a better good.

To reach and attain accreditation for a dignify purpose seek no further. the GOB accreditation addresses as guidance ISO/IEC 17011 and thus includes current versions of internationally recognized and generally accepted (IRGA) benchmarks:

  • ISO/IEC 17021 for third-party management systems certification services and validation programs providers with the necessary freedom to goodness,
  • ISO/IEC 17020 for third-party inspection providers in reference to Conformity Assessment - Requirements for the Operations of Various Types of bodies performing inspection, thus for inspection activities for the greater good,
  • ISO/IEC 17065 General requirements for product, processes and service brand certification bodies, for the greater good,
  • ISO/IEC 17024 for certification of personnel / professionals,
  • ISO/IEC 27006, aggregate to ISO/IEC 17021 for Security of Information, and
  • ISO/TS 22003, aggregate to ISO/IEC 17021 for food security

Certification, Validation, Inspection and others:

The protocols we follow are attune to international convention by way of public trust. As a public trust the GOB accreditation begins with conformity continuing onto assurances that the purpose for which we provide accreditation is uphold, whether the accreditation is for certification, validation, inspection and branding. And this purpose is to protect communities and consumers, our purpose is our Charter.

IRGA benchmark current ISO/IEC 17021 is one of the examples that sets forth the management programs for entities and bodies to provide third-party and alike management activities. This version outlines new requirements for third-party assessment and the competence of personnel conducting these activities. 

Management programs such as ISO/IEC 17065 may merge with ISO/IEC 17021 under accreditation to addresses IRGA QMS, EMS, OH&S, ISMS, FSMS ...and others. Free-market third-party entities whether for certification based; QMS ISO 9001, EMS ISO 14001, OSHMS ISO 45001, FSMS ISO 22000, FSMS HACCP HARPC (21 CFR 117, Preventive Controls), ISMS ISO/IEC 27001, BCMS ISO/IEC 22301 and regulatory based mandates including the applicability of such IRGA including QSR, QMS MDD ISO 13485 as it opens for quality in healthcare.


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2020 | The GOB | GCC (GOB) Accreditation-Recognition Platform, a U.S. based chartered legal Public Trust (bylaws) with authority to recognize and grant accreditation, and contributions are tax deductible as referenced by 501 (c)(3) with directives from the Federal Internal Revenue Code.

We are a United States of America based accreditation - recognition Platform chartered organization based public trust; as a public-trust contributions are tax deductible. No distribution of money to individuals or scheme for their own benefits - as we are not a mere not-for-profit foundation. The work and resources are dedicated to promote, encourage the Charter, legally binding primary and secondary purpose. Primary; is to protect communities and consumers; Secondary - to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.