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This Cookie Statement is to reiterate that we use no cookies from visitors to our websites.

Defining "Cookies" - Cookies are small pieces of text used to store information on web browsers. Cookies are widely used to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones, and other devices.

Types Of Cookies - For general knowledge, we describe as follows the various types of cookies. This provides a general knowledge of types of cookies.

  • Essential cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary to provide visitors with our websites and services and to enable essential features such as a shopping cart or product application.
  • Performance and functionality cookies:These are cookies use to collect information about how visitor’s use websites and allowing to remember choices made while browsing. They websites on ease of use, these do not personally identify visitors.
  • Analysis and customization cookies: Collect information use in aggregate form to help understand how websites, applications and services are being used and how effective specific marketing campaigns are, helping to customize websites.
  • Advertising cookies: These cookies collect information about visitor’s browsing experience and to make advertising messages more relevant to visitors.
  • Social networking cookies: These cookies are used to enable visitor’s to share pages and content on our websites and services through third-party social networking and other websites. These could be troublesome as they may track visitors to know where to advertise - the GOB bears no advertising campaigns, we rely on networking and trust.

Cookies Placed By Parties Others - Visitors may encounter cookies on websites, applications and services that are placed by others for a fee. For example, when visitors make a purchase it may be use to other possible interested technologies. Websites may allow other parties to place cookies on websites to track information about visitors online activities and/or across other sites or online services, including to send targeted advertisements based on specific given information.

This Cookie Statement does not apply to the cookies, applications, technologies, or websites that are owned and/or operated by other parties. We provide links only to other public trusts or charitable organizations.

To learn more or to opt out of interest-based advertisements:

Controlling And Opting Out of Cookies - Visitor’s browser or device may offer settings that allow visitors to choose whether browser cookies are set and to delete them. For more information about these controls and to exercise cookie preferences, learn about your specific browser.


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