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As a Public Trust, while the purpose to carry a two prone that is (1) regulatory affair nature, et al for regulatory purpose, and (2) that is consumer-centric for recognition and accreditation:

  1. To complement projects and accreditation activities, and
  2. To carryout granting and approval in raising competence that ultimately benefit consumers through activities such as training, diploma - certification, and recognition of organizations, entities and institutions.

To earn recognition an entity need be signatory to the GOB, in this way bearing the marks of the GCC - requires an investigation and continual monitoring. Signatories (and bearers) of the GOB Platform marks convey and disseminate the Charter in the way they act and conduct business in a proficient manner assuring that the recognition is for a purpose that is valuable, morally upright and noble for the protection of communities and consumers.

Organizations bearing certification trough GOB accreditation may request, for a donation, a unique traceable mark GCC official logo.

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2019 | The GOB | GCC (GOB) Accreditation-Recognition Platform, a U.S. based chartered legal Public Trust (not a Foundation, bylaws) with authority to grant accreditation, and contributions are tax deductible as referenced by 501 (c)(3) with directives from the Federal Internal Revenue Code.

We are a U.S. based accreditation - recognition Platform chartered organization based public trust; as a public-trust contributions are tax deductible. No distribution of money to individuals for their own benefits - we are not a mere not-for-profit foundation. The work and resources are dedicated to promote, encourage the Charter, legally binding primary and secondary purpose. Primary; is to protect communities and consumers; Secondary - to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.