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The GOB GCC span the GlobeThe purpose of the GOB Accreditation - Recognition Platform is to carryout regulatory affair based activities to sustain our legally binding Charter, public trust based purpose. This is carryout through voluntary accreditation programs, which includes humanitarian projects, carryout for the protection of communities and consumers. To this effect, legal obligations and regulations are requirements that need be comply, and internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks provide helpful controls.

There are numerous accreditation programs worldwide most claiming consumer protection and few actually accomplishing it, we are of the latter. 

The GOB Accreditation - Recognition Platform assures freedom in decision making from special interest and other pressures to assure attesting competence and impartiality as we are require by US law and the primary Charter to protect communities and consumers. Bodies, entities organizations earn accreditation to conduct validation, inspection and certification activities through complementary (Schedule “B”) or standalone (Schedule “A”).

    The GOB accreditation is a response to the existence of ailments and contaminants within the supply chains, whether finished-goods, services, foods or otherwise including training and education of professionals. This is attune to the legally binding Charter as an entity of public trust, visit GOB Charter

    The GOB public trust is authoritatively empowered by the Government of the State of California through entrust of the Attorney General Department of Justice as determined by the Federal Department of the Treasury.

Entities to earn accreditation need be signatory to bear the marks of the GOB Platform. Signatories and bearers of the GOB Platform carry the Charter as an ensign in the way they act and carryout business. It is part of our public trust role to assure that an accredited program is a moral and honorable proposition with valuable principles and a noble purpose.



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2019 | The GOB | GCC (GOB) Accreditation-Recognition Platform, a U.S. based chartered legal Public Trust (not a Foundation, bylaws) with authority to grant accreditation, and contributions are tax deductible as referenced by 501 (c)(3) with directives from the Federal Internal Revenue Code.

We are a U.S. based accreditation - recognition Platform chartered organization based public trust; as a public-trust contributions are tax deductible. No distribution of money to individuals for their own benefits - we are not a mere not-for-profit foundation. The work and resources are dedicated to promote, encourage the Charter, legally binding primary and secondary purpose. Primary; is to protect communities and consumers; Secondary - to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.