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lab_003The GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB) is a public trust with international reach. We operate through a charter-purpose for the protection of communities and consumers. We only accredit specialty laboratories. We benchmark laboratory testing to highly specialized fields such as radiology, nuclear, food chemistry - biology, water, personal protection, microbiology, blood, stem cell, virus, and toxins control and within similar other disciplines, highly regulated or specialized. These disciplines of accreditation are because of the competence within the GOB. The accreditation, as appropriate, is in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189 (medical - clinical) and sovereign nations equivalents. The GOB carries the necessary competence within these disciplines.

    Note: For laboratories seeking metrology based, non-nuclear fields, we suggest consideration to USA NAVLAP (based 15 CFR 285) and USA A2LA.

We benchmark and operate in adherence to legal obligations and regulations based on ISO/IEC 17011 operations.

supermarketAs a public trust, the GOB Accreditation Platform includes delegates representing world regions with the competence to address specific fields bearing the charter’s consumer-centric exercising due care.

ISO/IEC 17025

Provides confidence within a free market for the benefit of consumers to the fundamentals of appropriate and
effective laboratory test services and results; whether finished goods such
as toys, electrical, electronics, clothing, mechanical, aerospace or radiology.
The GOB unprecedented impartiality
and competence sets the stage for
trust with authoritative empowerment for legal accreditation - recognition. To this effect our general laboratory accreditation program focus on specialty regulatory affairs in addressing legal obligations
and regulations in accordance to set criteria applicable to products, services, testing, public and private sectors. These within the realm of specialty fields.

ISO 15189

Medical - clinical laboratories
accreditation provides confidence to patient care communities of consumers. The GOB, as Public Trust, sets forth a benchmark for clinical - medical laboratories in accordance to laws, regulations, contractual agreement
and expectations by applying
ISO 15189. Laws and regulations
are at the forefront of GOB
accreditation; e.g. in the USA
incorporates HIPAA and Proficiency Testing, and national equivalents, to
the scope of specific tests.
examinations. Equally applicable to research, pharmaceutical, clinical... whether Bio-Safety levels
P1, P2, P3 or P4.


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