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Flag of The Great State of CaliforniaThe GOB Accreditation - Recognition Platform is a Public Trust with tripartite governmental empowerment; State of California combining verifiable trust through the Office of the Secretary of State, determined by the US Federal Government Department of the Treasury determines. The GOB Platform carryout its Charter to the protection of communities and consumers is under supervision by the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury and State Government provides the authority as a public trust; and to this effect we include excerpts of the Articles for the authority to carryout the Charter through programs of Donation, Fundraising, acceptance of Grants, and accreditation and recognition (refer to Regulatory Affair Practices, RAP), as these are public record:State of California Accreditation - Recognition Platform - Signed and Seal by the Office of the Secretary of State of California.

  • A “Public Trust” - The GOB is a nonprofit PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes.
  • The specific purpose of this corporation is to contribute to the protection of communities and consumers and to promote, encourage and participate in initiatives that help American services and products. This protection to consumers and products and services from America provides for accreditation and recognition for legal entities that conduct certification, inspection and training services, etc.
  • This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3)+ of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • No substantial part of the activities shall consist of carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of any candidate for public office.

The GOB is prohibited to exert payments or distribution of moneys to entities and organizations unless these are equally in legal status and purpose or justifiable to the Board of Directors and within the context of the law and the legally binding Charter. Purpose implies that in order to carry authoritative affair activities as substantial part of the operations be carryout for purpose that is not to carry membership based special interests within the legal boundaries and that are not to influence legislation, officials or otherwise construe within the fundamentals of moral values.


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2019 | The GOB | GCC (GOB) Accreditation-Recognition Platform, a U.S. based chartered legal Public Trust (not a Foundation, bylaws) with authority to grant accreditation, and contributions are tax deductible as referenced by 501 (c)(3) with directives from the Federal Internal Revenue Code.

We are a U.S. based accreditation - recognition Platform chartered organization based public trust; as a public-trust contributions are tax deductible. No distribution of money to individuals for their own benefits - we are not a mere not-for-profit foundation. The work and resources are dedicated to promote, encourage the Charter, legally binding primary and secondary purpose. Primary; is to protect communities and consumers; Secondary - to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.