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Forward Looking, GOB - GCCThe GOB brings a favorable, effective and efficient mean to collaborate with industry sectors and governments in adherence to the Charter in matters of trust through inspection, branding, specialty laboratories and management systems programs. This  is allowed through a scrutiny of public trust to attest to governmental and non-governmental regulatory affair practices. The GOB Regulatory Affair Practices (RAP) provides trust through competence to support governmental authorities.

Industry and government appreciates the importance of credibility through recognition and accreditation based generally acceptable benchmarks to fulfill legal obligations, regulations and better-in-class practices. To this effect, the GOB provides means for recognition and accreditation through empowerment from Government at State and Federal level, other activities includes humanitarian projects.

In the GOB itself fulfilling legal obligations and regulations as a Public Foundation for Charity bearing a legally binding Charter; a Foundation of Public Trust, based internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks. OEM suppliers, manufactures and service providers gain effectiveness and efficiency in competence through impartiality and trust from the GOB, by focusing on the strength of their activities.

    The GOB competence and impartiality based nonprofit legally binding consumer-centric charter ultimately contributes in trust wherever and wherein a truly the free market economy operates.

Through RAP, the GOB will continue to seek totally impartial, unbiased and independent collaboration through projects and activities that benefit communities and consumers to the extend permitted by our resources; the GOB, as Public Trust has its vision to remain independent and impartial in accordance to the law, our covenant, and not to seek any secret combination as to lobby in only benefitting given special interests.



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2020 | The GOB | GCC Accreditation - Recognition Platform a is a U.S.A based chartered legal entity and contributions are tax deductible as referenced 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

As a U.S.A. based accreditation - recognition platform public trust chartered organization; as a public-trust contributions are tax deductible. No distribution of money to individuals for their own benefits - we are not a mere not-for-profit foundation. The work and resources are dedicated to promote, encourage the Charter, legally binding purpose to protect communities and consumers, and to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.