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OUR Pledge in carrying out the Charter is to, in granting bearer and signatory status:

Impeccable Integrity

To provide activities, processes and protocols in a manner consistent to the trust provided by law, granted by government and expected by consumers.

Provide regulatory affair activities that can be budget, address cost planning, and carry valuable cost-benefit with a higher purpose:

As a signatory to the Charter we have verified through demonstrable actions, policies, and business performance activities without invasive techniques and special interest. To this effect we carryout Regulatory Affair Practices (RAP) that benchmark accreditation and recognition such that your entity, government and us understand the reality of the trust and what a signatory and bearer means.

Signatory and bearers of the Charter needs to demonstrate that their actions are in effect in the interest of communities and consumers as part of the performance objectives.   

Address Integrity, Logical and Graceful:

We will focus in activities that with integrity undertake actions to the expectations that the Charter demands, benchmarking international standards in adhering to legal obligations at a higher purpose as requires for chartered nonprofit legal entities in the State of California USA. We will understand your needs and not to adhere to practices and methods catering special interests, which could jeopardize the consumer-centric Charter as well our legal status.

Socially Responsible and Accountability:

As a Nonprofit Chartered Legal Entity we engage in actions that adhere to social responsibility and as determined by law as we donate excess of the proceedings to causes that align with the Charter.

Signatories & Bearers to the Charter:

As bearers and signatories for RAA, these need to carryout and disseminate the Charter, an agreement in adhering to their obligations and accountable for their actions; such is by the protection of communities and consumers (e.g. through instruments that includes Certificate of Conformity, Certificate of Registration...). The GOB will not grant Regulatory Affairs status to entities conducting work that is construe in conflict with the Charter and the benchmarked scope of agreement, whether this is permitted by the criterion of benchmarks or acceptable to other carrying similar affair activities encompassing accreditation or recognition. Signatories to the Charter are entitled to carry a seal to this effect as to demonstrate their commitment and attune with the Charter in the protection of communities and consumers as well to promote, encourage and participate in collaborative efforts within service and product initiatives from America (from Barrows, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Chile) for benefit across borders worldwide. 


Disclose policies, procedures, finances and actions to sustain trust as determine by law as we are monitored by the US Federal Government in adherence to the specifics of consumer’s expectations.

Privacy & Confidentiality

To protect data and information in manners consistent with the law that are proven and conducive to fraud and ill intent to signatories, bearers and stakeholders.

For Pledge Specific.



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