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Accreditation Program, conformity and laboratoriesThrough signatories and bearers we sustain the Charter of the GOB Platform and that be carryout with impartiality and competence with a consumer-centric focus. To this effect signatories and bearers are integral part to convey and disseminate the Charter. To entrust the Charter with competence and to grant and issue accreditation - recognition [part of Regulatory Affair Practices (RAP)], the primary means to our consumer-centric mandate as a public trust.

The advancement activities as signatory and toward achieving and sustaining affair accreditation, Schedule “A” General:

  • Application
  • Initial Investigation
  • Signing the Charter
  • Review of Documents
  • Office Assessment and Confirming signatory status
  • Field Assessment, as necessary
  • Recommendation to Accreditation
  • Concurrence for Accreditation
  • Granting and issuing Bearer of Accreditation status

Based programs ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17024, ISO/IEC 17065

The progressive activities as signatory and toward achieving accreditation, Schedule “B”:

  • Application for extension of scopes
  • Investigation
  • Signing the Charter
  • Review of Documents and Reports
  • Analysis and Decision
  • Recommendation to Accreditation
  • Concurrence for accreditation
  • Granting and issuing extension of scopes within bearer status

Complementary based existing accreditation aligned ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17024, ISO/IEC 17065


The applicable criterion are regulatory affair practices (RAP) that are based on internationally recognized and generally accepted (IRGA) benchmark in matters that are effectively suited for the protection of communities and consumers. These relate to quality, health, safety, foods, security and environment, encompass; ISO/IEC 17021 including medical devices for regulatory purpose based-ISO 13485; inspection programs through ISO/IEC 17020; Product-Services Marking ISO/IEC 17065; and for entities that carry out certification of person ISO/IEC 17024. For specific laboratory testing, requires demonstration of competence in matters of managing and controlling certainty as well as reporting through ISO/IEC 17025 for specialty testing and Regulatory Affairs Medical Activities ISO 15189. Other programs, inclusive, seeking the trust for the protection of communities and consumers.

As prerequisite to signatories and bearers, entities need to meet legal obligations, regulatory requirements through non-conflict of interest activities with integrity and due-care.

The operations for Regulatory Affairs Practices, specifically for accreditation - recognition provides two operational schedules (“A” and “B”):

    * Schedule “A”, see the protocol that the frame on the upper left shows. It is full accreditation based GOB.

    * Schedule “B” is for entities that already carry local and current accreditation and that wish to complement or extend their scopes of activities as a signatory to the consumer-centric Charter. Read the applicable protocol in the frame on the upper left. It is partial GOB accreditation | Recognition

    * Alternatively, if your organization wishes to carry signatory to the Charter it will depend on the nature of the activities, processes and role within your supply chain (of services / products), we offer a recognition program.



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