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Food Safety International Network | COR0010802-0INTL

Recognition; Training Venues in USA - Latin America - Canada - European Union | for FSMS, EMS, Medical and related regulatory sectors

WO Sanigestion SL | COR140208-EU

Recogniton; European Union | CoR; FSMS, QMS, EMS, ISMS

University of Monterrey | COR070701-MX

Recognition; Training Venues in Mexico for FSMS, QMS, EMS, ISMS sectors

BMX Mexico SC | COR081504-MX

Recognition; Training Venues in Mexico | EMS, QMS, OSHMS and related

University of Zaragoza | CORE140208-UZ

Recognition; Training Venues in Spain | FSMS, QMS, EMS, ISMS and CE Directives & Regulations

BRS | COA080101-ISA, per region based

Accreditation with international reach; Management Systems, Global | QMS, EMS, QMS MDD, HEALTHCARE, ISMS, FSMS, OSHMS, SA and related regulatory sectors, with extensions in Annex Instrument and Approval, based current IRGA ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17024

Next Step Business Education Ltd | COR2162007-CA

Recognition; Training Venues in Canada | FSMS, EMS, QMS and related sectors

University of Granada | CORE220608-UG

Recognition; Training Venues in Spain | EMS, QMS, and FSMS

Prinsip Mahir Sdn Bhd, 300509-AP

Recognition; Training Venues in Malaysia | EMS, FSMS, QMS, QMS MDD

NARMS WARES World Alliance (WA) - 220114-USA-ISA - the WA includes numerous other granted accreditation

Accreditation with international reach; International Standards based NARMS dba World Alliance, Global based current IRGA ISO/IEC 1702, see lead page for the specific scope of activities with global reach




In Progress, in-discussions

Central Advisory Board Sdn Bhd



Recognition; consumer-Centric


Recognition; consumer-Centric


Recognition; consumer-Centric


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